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The benefits of blue light glasses

Tribu’s blue light glasses help reduce eye strain and balance your circadian rhythm for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens.

What is blue light?

Blue light is the light emitted from our devices, including everything from our laptops, phones and even the sun. Light is made up of several colours and blue emits the highest energy out of the spectrum due to its short wavelength. This means that blue light is close in frequency to harmful UV light, which we all know we need to limit our exposure to. 

Just like we take care of our UV exposure through limited time outside and the use of sunscreen, we should take our blue light exposure more seriously in today’s digital world.

Using blue light glasses can reduce the impacts that blue light can have on our wellbeing. Our blue light glasses can decrease the amount of blue light taken in from our devices. This helps to reduce tired, irritated eyes and may also help you sleep better.

Look stylish and take care of your eyes with a pair of Tribu blue light glasses.

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Tribu blue light glasses

Tribu Eyewear is a boutique female-owned Australian label, dedicated to creating eyewear. The team at Tribu felt that creating a unique range of blue light glasses was just as important as creating sunglasses.

Tribu’s blue light glasses are crystal clear to look through, but contain a special multilayered protective coating that blocks blue light from getting through to your eyes. This way you can have the benefit of blocked blue light without any vision impairment. 

Check out the cool styles available on our blue light glasses page.

We have you covered no matter your preference. Combining price, quality and style into perfect pairs of glasses.

Our designs are as unique as you are. We encourage freedom of expression, creativity and breaking down boundaries. 

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Helpful tips to protect your eyes from blue light

If you work with or spend a lot of time in front of screens, there’s plenty of ways to help reduce the impacts of blue light.

1: Try to take frequent breaks from viewing screens

2: Protect your eyes with a pair of Tribu’s sunglasses

3: Try to avoid screen time shortly before going to sleep

4: Expose yourself to natural daylight when you can

5: Grab a pair of blue light glasses to wear when you’re using screens, your eyes will thank you!

Benefits of Tribu’s blue light glasses

Reduce eye strain

Blue light glasses can help to reduce tired and irritated eyes, which nobody wants ever! Blue light easily penetrates the retina and other delicate structures. This increases discomfort, headaches, blurred vision and dry eyes.

Helps you sleep

Blue light glasses aid good quality sleep, creating a healthier you. Blue light glasses can have a great effect on your sleep quality and the speed at which you fall asleep. Used in conjunction with minimal screen exposure prior to going to sleep you’ll be resting peacefully in no time.

Look stylish

Blue light glasses help you look stylish and super focussed when taking video work calls. Better engagement with work, organisational behaviour and task management are added benefits according to a study by Indiana University (2020).

Reduce AMD

Did you know blue light glasses can reduce the likelihood of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)? AMD is the leading cause of blindness, so reducing the impact of blue light exposure is key to long term eye health and good quality vision.

Balance your circadian rhythm

Balancing your circadian rhythm is so important to overall health and wellbeing. It helps you wake up and maintain energy throughout the day as well as sleep soundly. Blue light hampers this so reducing it where you can with blue light glasses is important.

Increased productivity

A key benefit of blue light glasses is that productivity can be increased. Simply wearing your blue light glasses reduces the likelihood of headaches and lack of focus. This in turn reduces the time spent in front of a screen (particularly if you work with one), and again reduces your blue light exposure overall.

You can create your own narrative. You are the protagonist of your own stories.

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