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Designer sunglasses and blue light glasses for the bold

Tribu Eyewear is an, Australian label creating high quality designer sunglasses and blue light glasses for those that choose their own path—encouraging freedom of expression and creativity. Expect unapologetic individuality.

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Hand finished designer sunglasses

Each pair of our designer sunglasses and blue light glasses are hand finished and polished to ensure they are of the highest quality.

On-trend blue light glasses

Tribu’s blue light glasses help reduce eye strain and balance your circadian rhythm for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens.

100% UV protection

Tribu sunglasses have CR39 polarised lenses for sharper, clearer vision and reduced glare. Our sunglasses provide 100% UV protection.

Tribu Eyewear: For the adventure seekers and forward thinkers

Tribu designer sunglasses are for those dancing to the beat of their own drum. For the friends we collect along our way, who become family. For the rebel, the creative, the dreamers in all of us.

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Who is Tribu Eyewear?

We are a small boutique fashion label, dedicated to creating small production runs of quality designer sunglasses and blue light glasses. We aim for our designs to be as unique as you are. To incite the breaking down of boundaries and exploration of individuality. We are the adventurers and explorers.

Our designer sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and are polarised to protect your eyes from glare and provide clearer vision while out there exploring your world. Our blue light glasses help reduce eye strain and that foggy feeling after being on our screens all damn day.

You are the protagonist of your own story. You can create your own narrative.

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Tribu Eyewear is giving back

We have partnered with, giving 5% off all online sales to helping youth at risk to turn their lives around. Tribu is dedicated to help give young people in need opportunities to grow, achieve their dreams and to develop a healthy self-esteem.

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Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses limit your exposure to the blue light that is emitted from all the screens we use. Over exposure to blue light can cause your eyes to feel tired and irritated. It has also been linked to sleep issues, caused by your body delaying the release of melatonin and disrupting your circadian rhythm.

Our blue light glasses will decrease the amount of blue light you take in from your devices. This helps to reduce tired, irritated eyes and may also help you sleep better.

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