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About Us

We are the protagonist of our own stories. 
We choose the characters that stay and those that leave. 
We direct the plot twists, the cliff hangers, the unexpected endings. 
We create our own narrative. 
We are united not by the superficial but by the tales we have to tell. 
We decide who are the villains, the friends, the heroes. 
We are only bound by our imagination. 

It’s ironic that in a world where connection to others is as simple as swiping on an app, it’s harder than ever to find true ride or dies.. 

Tribu exists to build a community united not by the superficial but by open minds, big hearts and stories of adventure. Where everyone is celebrated for what makes them unique and we are only limited by our imagination. 

Just as a real family is a melting pot of different personalities and experiences, Tribu’s designs are a perfect blend bold design and quality materials, made for those who value wild adventures and fulfilling experiences.


Our frames are made to go with you down whatever path you take as you write your own story. From beaches and concerts to brunches and functions you can feel confident and connected in pieces that highlight, not hide, who you are. 

We are a small female-owned business in Sydney, Australia with dreams big enough to match those of our customers. 

 We are TRIBU