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Which Tribu are you?

Choose your own adventure with our range of designer sunglasses and blue light glasses. Each frame is boldly shaped to bring out a different facet of your unique personality.

Who will you be today?

The Creator

The OG

The Defiant

The Free Spirit

The Vixen

The Fallen Angel

The Poet

The Dreamer

The Sinner

The Maverick

The Artist

The Freedom Fighter


The Creator.

Bringing our Tribu into existence. Electra is where it all began. A bold creative who mixes classic style with a modern flair. A modern interpretation of a classic cats-eye shape from the 50’s, with flat edge finishes and something else.


The OG.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”
Michael Jordan

Like Jordan is to basketball, the OG is timeless and never forgotten, a master at his craft. Inspiring and shows anything is possible. A nod to the original 1950’s Aviator first worm by the Military aircraft pilots. The new OG is a rectangular shaped with and little more attitude.


The Defiant one.

A Reckless subversive, Anokhi
isn’t afraid to speak up for what she believes in. Boldly resisting any limitations, some would say she is unstoppable. A twist on a traditional cats-eye with a bold sharp straight top bar. There is nothing traditional about Anokhi.


The Free Spirit.

An extraordinary mind and beautiful soul, Luna approaches life with an open heart, collecting experiences and people along the way. A stripped back metal cat-eye with rolled metal temples. Intentionally minimal yet alluring, Luna is the one you can never cage.


The Vixen.

She is fearless, knows what she wants and more often than not she gets it. Don’t cross the Vixen. Combining eye-catching detail, with a metal cat-eye and acetate combination, Nardi won’t fade into the crowd.


The Fallen Angel.

An Angel cast down to earth.
Rebellious, alluring and said to encourage humans to sin. Sienna is an ultra-thin silhouette with a crystal acetate. A metal bar running across the back of the frame. Minimalistic seduction.


The poet.

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and for the strength of the wolf is the pack.
Rudyard Kipling

With the heart of a poet and the soul of a guerrilla, Bowie stands for freedom of expression in any and all of it’s forms. With a sculptured channel detail along the front, arrow feather detail along the side, Bowie is nothing but poetic.


The Dreamer.

Adaya visualises the destination of a better world. Knowing reality can be ugly, Adaya is always optimistic, and a dreamer of a fairer tomorrow. Adaya is a take from the traditional butterfly shape making it all her own.


The Sinner.

 “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.
Oscar Wilde

We all can see some of ourselves in Kali… for what fun would it be if not? Ultra-Skinny silhouette, with a bold heavy acetate making a statement with nowhere to hide those sinning eyes.